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I want to give you an exclusive offer. An offer no one going to my shows is going to get. This is only going to be available right here and will expire once you leave. Do I have your attention? Good.

So, you’re seeing this because you’ve liked my music and have shown support. You’re one of the people who have supported me from the beginning. First off, thank you so much! It’s your support that is allowing me to continue making my music. I’ve had messages from all over the world telling me how I’ve helped people in their lives, and I want to keep spreading my music to everyone I can. But I can’t do this by myself. This is where you come in.

Right here, right now, I want to give you an opportunity to join my Global Street Team. Here’s what you get when you join:

  • Limited edition of #makeadifference

    This edition will never be offered in stores or at any of my shows. The public will never be able to have this version of the album. It’s exclusive to the Global Street Team ONLY!

  • Special edition Fan T-shirt

    This t-shirt is created specially for those on the Global Street Team. It will not be available for purchase online or at any of the shows.

  • Instant VIP Status

    Includes 2 free tickets and 50% off all future purchases FOR LIFE!

  • “First Look” License™

    Exclusive videos, shareable links, unreleased music, and more!

So what’s the catch? here’s what you need to do:


You see, the radio is oversaturated with trap music, and that’s not what I do. People find me and become fans because of YOU! When you share, they see it and share it, and we touch people all over the world! So I NEED you to share!

Now, full disclosure, there is a membership fee. It covers the shipping costs for your items. It doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world, if you’re seeing this page, you can join the team. Your items will be signed by me personally. If it’s okay with you, I’d also like to have your contact information so I can reach out to you and thank you personally.

Once you join the team, you’ll receive access to a special page where you will be able to choose your size for your shirt, give your address so I can ship it to you, get your free tickets, and have access to all of the videos, links, and content you need. So, if you’d like to be a part of this exclusive group, use the link below.

I do have to warn you. This is a one-time offer. If you leave this page, you will not be given this chance again. use the link below and I’ll see you on the other side!

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