Limited Edition & More

Remember what we talked about before? Today’s the day! You have the chance to get a version of the album that only 50 people will have in the world! But I’ve got some more for you that comes with it! Just keep reading…

So, as you know, I’m planning out the tour for 2020. As such, I’m creating new things like t-shirts and merch. I wanted to give you the first chance at what’s new because you’ve supported my artistry for this long!

what does this mean for you? Once you get the limited edition, you will also receive a t-shirt and instant VIP status. What does That mean for you? YOu’ll have free access to any of my shows – FOR. LIFE. You’ll also receive a 50% discount on anything in my store. Again, for. Life.

Here’s what you’re getting:

Album Cover Limited Edition.png
JK T-shirt 2.png

#MakeADifference - This is the exclusive special edition of the album released in FAll of 2018. You will receive a special code that will activate you vip benefits for any show or merch that you purchase through our store or at any of the shows. ($27 value)

True Fan T-shirt - The newest of our merch line, this t-shirt features the official logo of JK Θ and is a limited time edition. ($37.50 value)

Instant VIP Status - Because you have been a support system for me from the beginning, I’m giving you instant VIP status with your purchase today. This includes FREE tickets to any show (you’ll have to get there yourself, though.), 50% off at our performances or in our online store, exclusive content such as upcoming song projects and other things that no one else will have access to. ($400 Value)

Today ONLY you’ll get all of this for just $47. After you leave this page, this offer expires. If you’d like to have some extra time to take advantage, send me an email and let me know (remember, there will only be 50)!


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(Note: This link goes to a separate store you won’t find on the rest of the site. It’s for VIPs ONLY!)

#MakeADifference Special Package
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