I’m giving away $10,000!!

So, let me be real with you guys for a second. I wanted to do this in a way that makes sense. My music is everywhere (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.), but with the way most of those places pay unsigned musicians, I’d have needed to ask you guys to stream over 100,000 times to be able to give away $100. That just doesn’t make sense, and you guys would forget about this and/or get pissed off at me before I ever gave away any money. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do this a different way.

I’m giving away $10,000. Do you want some of it? Then here’s what you need to do:

I’m currently selling my new album #MakeADifference in digital and CD formats. You can win money 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Apple Music/iTunes

  2. Amazon (Digital or CD)

  3. Here on my website

Below I’ve included buttons to all three. All you have to do is choose the one that’s most convenient for you, take a screen shot of it on your device / computer / checkout page on Amazon and tag me in it on social media (@jktheta). If you get it here on the site, you’ll automatically be entered. You don’t even have to give me your email, your name and/or social media tag (i.e. Instagram/Twitter) is enough. I just need to see that you got it somehow. Every month I’ll choose a winner from the list of names collected during that month and give away a random amount of money (no LOWER than $100) until I’ve given out $10,000!

So, if you want a piece of $10,000, click a link below!

Total given away to Date: $0

100 Dollar Bill Pile IMG_3701.jpg

So, how does this help YOU?

I mean…you can win money! It’s not lottery ticket money, but it’s nothing to laugh at either.

You also get some fresh, new music by an up-and-coming artist. Not to toot my own horn or anything.

You show your support for a guy wanting to live out his dream and impact the world.

How does this help ME?

I get to GIVE away $10,000! I love receiving, but nothing makes me feel better than giving something to someone that just makes their day, month, year, or LIFE! Maybe this $100 will help them with their bills, debt, get a kid that birthday present you’ve always wanted, whatever! It just feels really good to make a good impact on people!

I get to give you some music. Something I’ve always dreamed of – making music that people enjoy.

I continue on my quest for #1! Right now, on ReverbNation, I’m #1 in the Tampa Bay region. I’m shooting for national and global charts as well. I’m top 100, but I always push for more!

Contest Rules & Guidelines:

One entry per purchase. You can enter your name up to 3 times per month (once per button). No refunds. Entries will be automatically disqualified if tampering or fraud is discovered. Entries will only be counted if ALL of the rules are followed. You must use one of the buttons provided, take a snapshot of #MakeADifference by JK Θ in your iTunes/Apple Music library and/or the completed checkout pages on this website or Amazon (or both), and tag @jktheta on Instagram (unless you purchase on this website). Monies will be awarded no later than the 6th of every. If the winning party does not respond to contact within a reasonable amount of time, another winner will be drawn. It is advised that you provide a current form of contact or a social media account where you can be reached. Giveaway will last until $10,000 is given away.